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Coming back from a vacation

There should be a security checkpoint when you leave the airplane

I’m sorry sir, you can’t bring more than 3.4 ounces of regret from your trip

For the museums you didn’t get to

The restaurants where you ordered the wrong dish

The photo op you missed

The day trip you didn’t take

The city you wish you’d visited instead.

Please empty all your pockets of any baggage you picked up while away

Anxieties about the work you left undone before you left

The money you shouldn’t have spent

That petty fight over which train to catch on the first day that really both of you like to think you have forgotten.

Not everything will fit in the overhead bin of life

So travel light on your journey home.

I host the weekly podcast, EconTalk and I'm the co-creator of the Keynes-Hayek rap videos. My latest book is How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life.

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