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  • Davidfohrman


  • Allen Downey

    Allen Downey

    I am a Professor at Olin College and author of Think Python, Think Bayes, and other books about computation and data science.

  • Josh Rose

    Josh Rose

    I’m just a boy, standing behind this camera asking it to love me. Top Writer on Photography, Prof of photojournalism, Leica Akademie Instructor, lover of tacos.

  • Stephanie Postles

    Stephanie Postles

    Co-Founder & COO of The Mission (mission.org) 🚀Ex-Google on the Geo team (Maps/Street View) 🌎Mom to the sweetest baby & the silliest pup 👶🐾

  • Devon Marisa Zuegel

    Devon Marisa Zuegel

    Blog moved to: devonzuegel.com • Twitter: twitter.com/devonzuegel

  • Jordan Hall

    Jordan Hall

    Changed my name back to Hall, sorry for the confusion. Also, if you are interested, my video channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMzT-mdCqoyEv_-YZVtE7MQ

  • Mark Koyama

    Mark Koyama

    Economist at George Mason University specializing in economic history, law and economics and institutional economics.

  • Arnold Kling

    Arnold Kling

    Author of nonfiction books, primarily in the area of political economy. In a previous life, I started one of the first commercial web sites. Ph.D in economics

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